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A blowgun is deadly to all creatures large and small.  It kills by creating hemorrhaging of major arteries and veins. Our Razor darts have killed black bear, whitetail, wild hogs and multiple African plains game.  All of which are shot in the lungs or heart. Time of death generally occurs within 1 minute with precise shots.

A typical blowgun has little power yet delivers death by slicing tissue easily.  120 FPS is top speed of a dart.  Truly little kinetic energy is absorbed upon impact, yet tiny razors do not require much to perform.  Most animals fail to realize they have been fatally shot and, in some cases, have returned to feed on the food source after being shot then fall dead from loss of blood.  This is illustrated in Tim Wells Bowhunter YouTube videos.

What Are Blowguns Used For 

Blowguns are primarily used to hunt small game but in recent time geared to shoot and recover fish.  The Fish Hawk Blowgun is the world's only such blowgun commercially sold to harvest fish. Recreational target shooting is extremely popular as well. 

What Is The Best Blowgun For Hunting

The new Spit Viper Blowgun is the fastest and most well-designed hunting blowgun.  It comes with magnum razor darts capable of killing big game animals.  It is camouflaged in a rattlesnake skin pattern and has a pistol grip added to make it easier to maintain tight groups.  Available soon, watch for release date. 

The Fish Hawk is the best fishing blowgun made.  Equipped with eyes like a fishing pole, it comes with ten fish darts. Tim Wells reels are also available.

What Is The Cost Of A Blowgun

The Slock Master blowguns range from $65 to $195 depending on the model purchased.

Slock Master Razor Darts retail for $19.95 for one deadly dozen.

Is It Legal To Hunt With A Blowgun

Blowguns are legal to hunt small game, and exotics but each state has different laws regarding blowguns.  Fish are unregulated with blowguns.  All big game can be taken legally in Alaska.

Can You Kill A Deer With A Blowgun 

The blowgun dates back to the stone age and was known and used at that time on all the inhabited continents.  Today it is still used as a hunting tool and with the innovation of Slock Master improvements to the blowgun it has become a viable means of harvesting game.

Do You Have Proof That The Blowgun Works As Advertised 

Tim Wells is the leading authority in primitive hunting and is an accomplished blowgun hunter with multiple World records and incredible videos to substantiate his accomplishments.