Sea Hawk Spear

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My new Sea Hawk Spear is designed for the serious spear fisher.  It is lighter, more balanced and sharper than ever before.  The new rubber handle with raised finger grip is a game changer.  It will increase your accuracy and distance substantially.  The razor sharp head can be replaced with a shark point or practice point.   It's made to penetrate deep and not back out which in turn makes you a more efficient killer.  The blade shape is designed for moderate to big animals like Alligator, Gar, Shark and Carp .  The loop on the back is the perfect tie off position for ropes and floats.   There's not a better fishing spear.  It's deadly, I guarantee it! 


NOTE : Sabertooth and Sea Hawk Spears can ONLY be shipped via USPS at this time and WILL NOT be shipped via UPS