Red Eye Dead Eye

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The first ever laser sight made specifically for the big bore blowgun.
Perfect for low light shooting. Hogs, frogs and other nocturnal critters beware. Its deadly! The Red Eye Deadeye is now available for the viper and big bore blowguns only. Designed by the SlockMaster himself.

How to....
  • Remove sticker from inside battery.
  • Attach the laser sight to the top front end of the blowgun.
  • Clamp gun in a set position. (lightly with a vice works well)
  • Place a target 8 yards in front of the gun and shoot a dart into the target while gun is tightly clamped down.
  • Then adjust the set screws to move the laser dot to the dart in your target with the allen wrench I've included.
  • Turning left or right will draw the laser in line with the dart.
  • Once close take another shot to test without removing your gun from the vise.
  • You can tweak it up or down for the desired distance you prefer it to be accurate at.
  • Remember the dart drops off the farther it travels thus compensate for this factor.
  • 8 yards is the ideal distance for most shooters. When sighted in at 8 you will just hold higher at 12 yards of farther.

BE CAREFUL.........

  • To not screw the screws out of the sight and loose them! Over screwing the set screws may also break the sight.
  • If you feel you are having trouble reaching an accurate setting you can also turn the sight on the barrel itself to change the laser aiming point until you are dead on..
  • Once sighted in you must always keep the gun in the same position to maintain perfect sighting.
  • Rotating the gun slightly either way will change the point of impact.
  • Battery last about 20 hours so don't forget to turn off your sight when done shooting.

Sighting it in can be frustrating. It's tricky but once you perfect it the blowgun becomes deadly in the dark.

"Slock Em"
Tim Wells